Rose Bank Development  Association doing great work
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October 9, 2012
Rose Bank Development Association doing great work

Tue, Oct 9, 2012

Editor: The Rose Bank Development Association (ROBDA) continues its good work of community clean-up.

Garbage disposal has been a problem for sometime now and it continues to be a problem.{{more}}

The following picture shows a small problem area where garbage is disposed of by residents. Garbage is also transported by water from as far as Troumaca and other areas of Rose Bank.

This situation of course makes it unsightly and of course we know it can be a breeding ground for RATS and mosquitoes. Diseases can be transmitted by such an unhealthy state.

With the help of a team of volunteers from the Richmond Vale Academy, residents were able to make the beach look fantastic as seen in the following picture.

The beach looks very attractive now. However, if you visit the beach you will find following the heavy rains, debris and other stuff present on the beach.

An appeal is made to the residents to properly dispose of garbage and also to the authorities who need to do something about the problem where debris and other stuff are not disposed of properly and as a result, the water takes it to the Rose Bank beach.

It is important that the beach and surroundings to be kept clean for a healthy environment and also for good tourism. I trust that after the publication of this article, something would be done to help minimize the effects of such an unhealthy and unsightly environment.

Kennard King