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October 2, 2012
Montreal Gardens – what a disappointment!

Tue, Oct 2, 2012

Editor: Recently, I visited this so called “tourist attraction”, Montreal Gardens. Prior to my visit (a few weeks ago), I was emailed an article in your paper re the terrible state of the road leading to same … this proved to be the truth.{{more}}

On arrival there, we were quickly pursued to pay our entrance fee, which stands at EC $10.00. Quite frankly, the best part of the gardens was the view at the bottom of the steps and these views I have come to realize are very numerous in your beautiful island. While there are flowers in abundance – flaming reds and pinks – the place looked in a state of “unkemptness” – overgrown shrubs, pathways marked “NO ENTRY,” moss on the steps, dried and wet leaves in evidence all along the paths and steps and quite slippery in spots – not the garden I had anticipated. I heard later that when the OWNER is on the island, it looks much better. I dare to suggest there should be NO ENTRANCE fee then when the owner is off the island.

And curiously enough, we were asked to return the tickets at the end of our self-guided tour ! Why, I wonder ?

Confused tourist Linsee Cardinal