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October 2, 2012
Disaster can happen anytime, anywhere

Tue, Oct 2, 2012


“Expect the best, plan for the worst and prepare to be surprised.” – Denis Waitley

The sound of the television and microwave oven stopped abruptly. The feeble buzzing of an almost dead radio was heard, as the entire house became engulfed in darkness. Jimmy dashed under his bed for refuge from the impending storm, only to realize this could not protect him.{{more}} The persistent rain lashed vengefully on the window pane and the house roof rattled in agony from the uncouth wind. Here began another episode of ‘Hurricane strikes again’.

Under the dark bed, Jimmy barely made out the faint flicker of light approaching his room, but he dared not poke his head out. He could not bear to witness another flash of lightning. But the warm, comforting voice of his mother expelled all fear for the moment.

“Jimmy dear, where you? I jus’ bring a little candle for you, seeing how the place so dark and all,” chimed his mother.

He was surprised at his mother’s calm composure in such a storm, wishing his was the same.

“Mummy, I under the bed. I was hidin’ from the thunder and lightning.”

“Oh, Jimmy! A big boy like you! Hiding underneath the bed? This storm just brewing. If yuh father and meself did heed warning and prepare for this and …,” his mother exclaimed, flinging her hands in desperation as the candle’s flame danced. She barely had time to finish her sentence as a treacherous gust of wind gave the house a mighty blow and the house-roof came flying off. The entire household scurried about frantically, unaware of what to do and what would happen next …


Can you relate the scenario above to any area of your life? If so, how prepared were you to face the worst of what was expected to come? The necessary precautions taken by many awaiting the arrival of calamity of any kind are of great importance. Essentially, one prepares for the worst; yet hoping for the best. Nonetheless, what if there was no preparation and the worst fate was met? How then would the results be handled?

In one’s life, moments of solitude would have produced one’s deepest and greatest thinking. During these instances people may think of their achievements in life, where they see themselves in several years or how much they would have proved themselves worthy of those closest in their lives. They may think of ways to adjust their lifestyle, learn from previous mistakes, pursue future goals, or even imagine what their last minutes of life would be like. Some may envision worst case scenarios and intricately analyze how they would go about handling a situation, should it come to reality.

What if these situations did play out in reality? Reflection on those quiet moments would facilitate smooth management of an event or having the intuition to deal with anything of a similar nature. It is stated that one should think of the morrow, for God will provide; but one should entertain the idea that life is not a bed of roses. Hence, it is of crucial interest that he envisions what life will offer should he choose a certain path and his intentions for dealing with whatever may come are exactly what God expects of him.

Life is a challenge and it is important that if one is cautioned and acts accordingly, whatever the outcome he can smile and let it be known that the worst has been met, he has risen above the occasion and the previous obstacle has only made him stronger. As everyone knows, they should beware, and be prepared, because disaster can happen anytime, anywhere.

Elizabeth Bullock