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September 28, 2012
‘Kick In She Back Door’

Fri, Sept 28, 2012

Editor: I intend to express here my opinion and only my opinion about the lyrics to a song that has grown in popularity on our Airwaves.

It starts with someone shrieking:

“neighbour neighbour ah kill dem come kill me” then launches into the chorus
“if she front door lock an yo cyar get een
and she bathroom window lock and you cyar get een
and she bedroom window lock and you cyar get een
and she kitchen window lock and yo cyar get een
wa fi do, wa fi do, wa fi do”{{more}}


Kick in she Backdoor (x 3)
Bruck um een (x 4)

There you have it a 30 second RAPE/ Breaking and entering instruction manual.

This is what is paraded on our airwaves as Soca Music, more importantly it’s an import from a neighbouring Caribbean island. The artiste is ONYAN and his band Burning Flames holds some notoriety in the region and Diaspora.

WHY in an atmosphere where women’s rights are being trampled and violence used to intimidate and marginalize women and at a time when women seem to be bearing the brunt of violent crime and abuse, we find it fit to bombard the airwaves with this waste of brainpower called a song, to infect the minds of our youth. The song calls for the use of force (“KICK IN”) against women who have secured their homes and features screaming “MURDER MURDER” throughout the song.

I might be wrong, the artist may have attempted some form of (God Forbid) double entendre where he might be speaking of a woman who has decided to keep her body secure and the locked windows may be a euphemism for body parts. His advice is to again use force to“ Kick in” she back door. What body part could backdoor refer to? Is this an attempt to tell young men to forcefully “bugger” women … being played on our airwaves?

Regardless of what this song means to you, think of your sisters, daughters, and mothers. How would you feel if someone “Kick in she back door” I don’t have to tell you that this song is disturbing; in his own backyard, there are calls to have the song banned …who knows this may be ONYAN’s way to “get a woman”.

In short, the song encourages non-consensual behaviour to do with a woman whatever. Our soca songs have for a long time been of a sexual nature, but this is a plain RAPE manual. Call your local/favourite radio station ask them not to play this disturbing import from Antigua.

Nailah John of LOVNSVG