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September 25, 2012
Are we in a state of despair?

Tue, Sept 25, 2012

Editor: As I look unto the face of many, I see fear and at times, even hopelessness. Many no longer speak positively about the future as the challenges become more and more overwhelming. Though it is difficult to remain positive, ironically, this is the time one ought to be very positive.{{more}} This is the time for positive inner self to take control and lead you out of the situation. However, we have driven our inner self into submission hence there is nowhere to turn. The point of crisis is where the inner self has been broken and no longer sends positive thoughts to the conscious self or what we refer to as the mind.

There is always the tendency to look for external solutions to our problems, but our main source of power lies within us. Not even turning to God can help, if the inner self has not been convinced and does not believe. The communication between you and any higher force has to be between that force and your spirit, which is part of your inner self. Once the inner self has been strengthened, you would certainly be on the road to redemption.

There is always the tendency to seek pity from others and even God. In fact, God is often referred to as Eternal Pity. Sorry, no one needs pity. You only seek pity when you begin to feel sorry for yourself and no one ought to reach that stage. If praying to God strengthens the inner self, then so be it. Likewise, if any one is convinced that praying to a stone has the same effect, then all power to you.

There is nothing like the power of belief and it is this we have to drive into the heads of our children. They have to believe in themselves and teaching them about God should be aimed at bringing about this effect. We should not have them thinking about reaping their reward after death, in some place called heaven, but being able to live a positive and fruitful life right here on earth.

Our people cannot for one moment begin to lose hope for the mental strength of a nation is the summation of the thoughts of its people.Collectively our minds can generate more power than Vinlec, but we cannot afford to live in despair.