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August 24, 2012
Who are likely ULP candidates for Central, West Kingstown?

Fri, Aug 24, 2012

Editor: In the last General Elections in 2010, the ULP won with a reduced majority. The three Kingstown seats went to the NDP.

I must admit that I am a stern supporter of the ULP and many of my friends call me a Ralph fanatic.{{more}}

As an observer on the ground, I’m not easily fooled when it comes to politics. Now I am asking this question to the ULP party faithful. Who are the likely candidates to run in Central and West Kingstown constituencies?

In our system of politics, having a degree in education is always a plus for any candidate to strengthen and sustain their political ambition. However, not all who hold degrees in education can represent people.

For instance, in my personal assessment, I have chosen Ralph Gonsalves as the best Prime Minister St Vincent and the Grenadines has ever had, from way back in 1951 to 2012. The ULP has done what no other Government did in the past.

The question for all ULP supporters is, how come that in the 2010 General Elections, the ULP won eight seats and NDP seven seats?

Mr Prime Minister, believe what I am telling you. West and Central Kingstown are heading in the same direction similar to 2010. Right now I don’t know who are the prospective or likely candidates for Central and West Kingstown. One of the problems with our people is that we don’t focus on the positive way St Vincent and the Grenadines is going. The big picture is not looked at during an election campaign. Instead, all eyes are on the candidates. The people are looking to see them at every funeral and all other important functions.

Please Mr Prime Minister, endorse candidates who will keep the ULP in power and keeping you as our prime minister.

My question to you, my Prime Minister, are we going to wait until 2014 or 2015 to choose candidates capable of unseating Mr Leacock and Mr Cummings to bring back those two seats? We have to start putting things in place now.

Moisden Sam