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August 21, 2012
It’s time to clean up Kingstown!

Tue, Aug 21, 2012

Editor: I could not agree with Ms Brereton more with her comment about the state of Kingstown. She is right, and any true Vincentian who truly loves “Vincy Land” could not disagree.{{more}} I have travelled throughout the Caribbean, North America and countries in Europe and Asia, and I have never seen a filthier city in my travels.

I am not saying there are none, but I have not seen any. Something definitely needs to be done if we are serious about attracting visitors to our shores.

Trash is being dumped in the open drains, and litter is seen around the city. The sidewalk vending creates an eyesore and makes it difficult for pedestrians to navigate the sidewalks. Something must be done, and better late than never.

It is about time we take pride in our environment. If someone was to invite us to their home and when we got there we were welcomed to a filthy home, we would be very unwilling to eat, if offered a meal, and for sure, we would not accept an invitation to return. The same goes for our city. We invite tourists to a filthy city and expect them to return. No way! We have to stop viewing these comments as criticism, but rather as a deep concern and interest in the aesthetics and cleanliness of our environment. Everyone benefits from a clean environment, both health-wise and economically. It’s time to clean up Kingstown!

Eric Williams