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August 14, 2012
Is PM Gonsalves the only person who can lead this country?

Tue, Aug 14, 2012

Editor: St Vincent and the Grenadines belongs to all the Vincentians, but there are some who think that the country belongs to the Prime Minister and his party, the ULP.{{more}}

There are some policies that the government implements which are not supported by the same Vincentians; we Vincentians have a mind of our own. If a person is against the policy, they are accused of being against the party; that’s not true. Persons like Wade Williams, who resides in Canada, thinks he has all the answers and often tries to answer for Doctor Gonsalves when policies the government may implement are criticized.

Mr Williams, I have some questions for you, seeing you possess all the answers. Why are you not returning home? We can use persons like you to help with the development that is taking place in the country. Mr Williams, from what you have read and heard, are you satisfied with Mr Burgin’s representation? Do you think the Prime Minister is mismanaging this country?

From what I’ve been told about you, management is not your strong point.

Why can’t Mr Eustace lead us to development? Are you satisfied with the performance of the Speaker of the House of Assembly?

It’s time for you to stop making Vincentians think that the Prime Minister is the only person that can lead. You are a patriot, so you don’t criticize Calliaqua men; that’s why you think Mr Alexander should only be replaced by a female. You asked me to suggest a new speaker, suggest Hon. René Baptiste, but old people say “six ah one, half ah dozen of the other”.

Persons lack impartiality in St Vincent and most are loyal to the Prime Minister and not to the country.

I read the standing orders and I would continue to read and study them.

Kingsley DeFreitas