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August 10, 2012
Let’s have more discussion on Departure Tax issue

Fri, Aug 10, 2012

Editor: The raising of the departure tax out of SVG may not in itself be a bad idea. However, it is important that some discussion be done on this sensitive issue.{{more}}

We know, those of us who travel regularly, that we are amongst the lowest, if not the lowest when it comes to the amount paid for departure tax. The present fee of forty dollars is not bad and should a raise be made, it must done cautiously, wisely and with discussion from the people as to the amount.

No one who is honest and free from political bias would disagree that improvements need to be made at the present ET Joshua airport in terms of the terminal and the accommodation and comfort. For improvements to be made, monies have to be found and to maintain the airport, monies are also required. Thus raising the fee for departure tax may not be a bad idea.

The raise, however, must not come too drastically. For example, in my estimation, a raise from forty to sixty dollars will be a drastic raise and would definitely be a hard thing and who can be vexed if there is strong opposition to such a drastic change. Therefore, while it may be necessary to raise the fee, it must not exceed $50. After all, these are hard economic times and while those who have to travel will still travel regardless, we need to be conscious of the times we are living in. It will be unconscionable to go more than $50 which reflects a raise of $10 or twenty-five per cent.

It is my hope that a hike in the fee would not be passed upon us without due consideration and also without discussion. Thank you.

Kennard King