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August 7, 2012
What the word of God has declared about sodomy

Tue, Aug 7. 2012

Editor: There is a push throughout the world, and most recently in the Caribbean, to have sodomy laws repealed. Many have blinded their eyes to the reality that sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS, are transmitted easily when men sodomize men.{{more}}

Scientists know that “Even in countries that have made great gains in reducing the burden of AIDS, the epidemic is still growing among gay men” and that legalizing the act of sodomy will be a terrible burden on any society.

One may argue that he has a right to be a sodomite; it could never be a tight. You don’t have a right to sodomy. Rights are principles of existence and they are all held equally under law and if it only applies to one group it is not a right (rights are not doing things).

You may argue also that the person has his freedoms; however, freedoms are abilities, thought, choice, belief, and movement etc. You may use your freedom of movement to go and steal or kill, or to go and practise sodomy. Stealing is not the freedom; neither is killing, neither sodomizing someone is not the freedom; the ability to move is the freedom. Don’t let anyone deceive you into thinking you have a right to be a sodomite or the freedom to be a sodomite. It is a choice that the individual makes.

Consider these terms the Bible uses to show God’s hatred for this deviant sexual behaviour. This shows that sodomy is something that should be rejected always, no matter how developed a country may become.

Genesis 18:20 very grievous Romans 1:27 Lust, unseemly

Genesis 19:7 wickedly Romans 1:28 Reprobate mind

Genesis 19:15 iniquity 2 Peter 2:6 Ungodly, condemned

Leviticus 20:13 abomination 2 Peter 2: 7 unseemly, filthy and wicked

Romans 1:24 uncleanness 2 Peter 2:8 unlawful deeds

Romans 1: 26 vile affections, against nature

I will never give consent to such deviant sexual behaviour, where men have sex with men in the wrong part of the body and I pray that we, as Vincentians, will continually reject this practice by keeping the crime of sodomy on our law books.

Karima Parris