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August 7, 2012
Kingsley DeFreitas has jumped on the donkeywagon

Tue, Aug 7. 2012

Editor: I consider Kingsley DeFreitas a friend, even though we never met. He was a friend of my late brother, Winfield “Mighty Rey” Williams.

Kingsley DeFreitas’ letter in last week’s Searchlight newspaper [Vincentians fed up with the constant disrespect in Parliament – Friday, Aug 3, 2012] appears to be another very personal attack on House Speaker Honourable Hendrick Alexander, CMG.{{more}}

Why do I state this? Well, for starters, this is not the first time I have heard Kingsley publicly attacking the Speaker. I have heard him on radio on several occasions.

What is really laughable, is the fact that Kingsley never ever once pointed to a section in the Standing Orders of Parliament that Speaker Alexander has ever misinterpreted or breached.

He claims that the Speaker is biased. But poor Kingsley and his friends in the Donkey Party do not understand that the Speaker rules against the NDP’s “Points Of Order” because, according to the Standing Orders of Parliament, a disputation of fact is not a Point of Orders.

Like Members of the Opposition (NDP), it appears that Kingsley has NEVER read or studied the Standing Orders of the House. Hence, their reasons for being completely dotish when it comes to rulings of the Speaker.

If Kingsley and his friends in the Donkey Party cannot take a few hours to read and study the House Standing Orders, my advice to Kingsley and the NDP would be to shut up already.

Kingsley has jumped on the NDP Donkeywagon and is calling for the Speaker to be removed. He is also advocating for my longtime political friend, Jomo Thomas, to become Speaker.

Jomo will make an excellent Speaker, but there is no vacancy until after the 2015 general elections. At that time, in the interest of gender equality in Parliament and our society, I call on Kingsley DeFreitas to join my call for a woman Speaker of Parliament.

Until then Kingsley, please take some time to read the Standing Orders of Parliament.

Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada