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August 3, 2012
We should give Jack his jacket, please!

Fri, Aug 3. 2012

Editor: “Life is so unfair”. This is a common cry that the world has become accustomed to. However, there are times when it is not that easy to ignore. One such case is the SVG Cricket Board dealings with Mr Burnett. I am not sure if this will change anything, but I believe that the cricketing public should know.{{more}}

If Mr Burnett and Mr Glasgow were to cease promoting women’s cricket in this country, it will certainly die. I invite anyone who might be curious about what I am saying to visit Arnos Vale on any given week, year round, and I guarantee that you will find Mr Burnett there training cricketers (both male and female).

In this year’s local tournament, he fielded two teams and was involved in preparing the senior national team for Jamaica, when all the so-called big name coaches were not available. Yet, in spite of all this, he is not good enough to tour with the national female team as the coach. Members of the Cricket Board can testify that he is one of the most reliable and responsible persons around cricket. Why then, they can’t give the man a chance? Frankly, if I figure that maybe because he is not one of the drinking buddies. I am not a friend of Mr Burnett, but I am for giving “Jack his Jacket”.

May I remind the Cricket Board, the last time SVG won a regional tournament, Mr Burnett was the coach. Since then, there have been four other coaches used, and I do not see how Mr Burnett could have done worse. If Mr Burnett and Mr Glasgow should stop coaching for a year, I guarantee there will be no local tournament for females. I take my hat off to you both; I would have already called it quits. I wish the girls all the best.

An angry fan