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July 27, 2012
Pay some attention to our hard-working nurses

Fri, Jul 27. 2012

Editor: Some attention needs to be paid to the nurses and their services rendered. We cannot dispute that our nurses are caring and hard-working. However, here I am making a plea for some assistance to these wonderful nurses who are offering a very worthwhile service and are very hard-working.{{more}}

It is a known fact that all the hospitals, both the Milton Cato Memorial and the out districts, are short-staffed. In all the out district hospitals there is only one nurse on duty at nights. This is indeed an uncomfortable situation for the one nurse to deal with the patients at the hospital, plus emergencies. We know that there are other nurses who are on call, should emergencies arise. However, with the single nurse on duty at night, it can be a rather stressful situation. Likewise at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital with few nurses on night duty, it can also be a very demanding situation for those hard-working nurses.

We know that in SVG we are not short of trained and qualified nurses, for many leave the School of Nursing, having graduated. Some are employed, some are unemployed and many go abroad to be employed as nurses. This, therefore, brings to bear the question as to why more nurses are not employed.

Is there a question of lack of money why more nurses are not employed and also why, in some cases, they do not get their allowances on time? We recognize the hard economic times and the government must be commended for keeping afloat and paying salaries. However, let us give some special attention to these nurses.

I also strongly recommend that when things have improved economically, that nurses be given some very good bonuses. We know they don’t complain, but work honestly and hard, thus they must be admired and complimented. I wish that as Vincentians we really give respect to all nurses and be patient and understanding with them, for they give the best in the circumstances.

Kennard King