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July 20, 2012
The church isn’t silent

Fri, Jul 20. 2012

Editor: Is the church silent? The answer is NO. Far too often the church is accused of being silent when it comes to national issues. The church is often blamed and accused of being silent when there are crimes and other ills in the country. However, the church is truly active and not silent.{{more}}

We have just come out of a peaceful carnival and I am certain the police force and other entities that were involved in this cultural event will take credit. While we must give credit to those afore mentioned, let us not forget the role of the church. Many church leaders had openly criticized carnival, but the fact of the matter is that many Christians used this season to intensify their prayer for this nation and its peacefulness during this time. Especially the last weekend, many Christians formed prayer groups and prayed. As a result, peace reigned over that weekend. Indeed, that is one way in which the church spoke and was not silent.

Presenting God’s word and prayer have been two of the more active ways in which the church has spoken and continues to speak. There are many who accused the church of being silent and want the church to be openly critical when it comes to politics and political issues. The church, however, must keep clear of party politics and no congregation must allow itself to be used by politicians to advance its cause. After all, we are ambassadors for Christ and not political ambassadors.

We must recognize that when a congregation gets involved in active political issues, it can defeat its mission to win souls for Jesus Christ, since in any congregation there are members who support various parties and so can cause a split or even rejection. However, what the church does in speaking is to pray for those in authority. Pray for the issues that affect us and present the word of God, for when a life is changed by God, his conception and practices are changed. Also, the church speaks by educating its members and the public at large as to what the Bible says concerning many issues.

This country is heavily invaded by demonic activities and here is where the church has been active, in preaching against them and praying for deliverances. Had it not been for the presence of the church, this country would have already been destroyed, since our sins have reached heaven and God looks down as HE did in Noah’s day with disdain. May God continue to bless us, the Christians, and may we continue to speak God’s mind and speak our hearts out to God in prayer for this nation.

Kennard King