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July 20, 2012
Please represent SVG, Miss SVG

Fri, Jul 20. 2012

Editor: Please allow me a little space to express my views and observations on the recently held Miss Carival Show.

A few weeks ago, I listened to a panel discussion on a radio station, where Miss SVG 2012, along with two former queens, was on, and I sat in shock from beginning to end. I couldn’t believe that the opening words of one of the queens from yesteryear were that Vincentians can be “harsh and cruel”.{{more}} This was followed quickly by endorsement from the other former queen. Hurt and betrayal are the words that express my feelings after hearing this. I then waited to hear my Carice do better and stand up for her people. I am still waiting. Needless to say, from that programme I observed that in a few short weeks, Ms Glasgow seemed to have changed, from that gentle spirit that I believed she was, to a creature guided by arrogance. I tried and tried to call in to that programme, but the number just continued to ring. It broke my heart that the person for whom I stood up to so many Vincentians, was not on this programme displaying the characteristics I know she has. I could only tell myself that she was being influenced by those around her.

To add insult to injury, I felt ashamed and hung my head on behalf of my country when I saw Miss SVG’s talent for the Carival Show. I’ve known Carice since her days at secondary school and I always knew that she could sing. She showed the nation her talent on the night of Miss SVG. Tears came to my eyes that night. But who could have written such an insult to our nation of a talent for Miss Carival? I was again hurt and completely disappointed that Miss SVG would use a regional stage to vent on personal and national issues. Carice clearly forgot, or was misled into believing, that this was not her show but the Miss Carival Show. Did the Beauty Shows Committee forget to vet her talent? How could they have allowed that “talent” to speak to the world and say, in my view, “This is what we Vincies do”? That was poor.

Finally some brief remarks on the evening wear. The Internet brings both good and bad. Most of the contestants clearly bought dresses online. This, to me kills our regional fashion industry by stifling our talent. By now Editor, you must know I am a Caribbean person pro-Vincy to my heart. I became swollen with pride when I read that our own Kimon Baptiste had accomplished a hat-trick with her evening wear designs after the last Miss SVG Show. But Miss Carival Show proved to be low after that high. It must be that Miss Baptiste misplaced her creative muse after Miss SVG, as Carise’s dress was little short of a tragedy. I am yet to see removal of the “batman” cape to the back to reveal the factor that would have made it a knockout. That piece of cloth was either an afterthought or was placed with no thought.

My last piece of advice to Carice is this – You will go on to Miss Jaycees or some other regional pageant; redeem yourself. Do it for yourself and as an apology to all people that you have hurt. Let “Carice” guide you and no one else. Be an active part in all aspects of your presentations and remember, at the end of the day, it’s you who are on stage.

Represent your country. Vincentians will pull themselves together and support you once again. Good luck.

Waiting for Better