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July 20, 2012
Life is truly amazing

Fri, Jul 20. 2012

Editor: Unlocking the mystery of life is one of the greatest challenges facing scientists today. Very few would doubt that we are body, mind and spirit, but how did this combination occur, making us what we are today? It is amazing how these entities interact and act in unison in order to create an individual.{{more}}

The mind is an amazing thing, taking into consideration that it is something that a doctor cannot perform a surgery on or touch. However, very few would doubt its existence, because we are using it every day. Our mind is created by the energy of our brain cells acting in unison. This mind maintains control of the body to the extent that your mind controls your posture, body conformation and even your health. Usually, it is not difficult to tell the mental state of an individual by just looking at his or her face. Believe it or not, things held in our minds can become genetic over time, thus enabling us to pass it on to our offspring. It is not the thought that would be passed on, but the effect it has on our genes.

The question is, what constitutes our spirit? This is what connects us to the universal energy, but it is really not as a result of our cells per se. It is something that attaches itself to our being as we enter this universe. It is for this reason persons speak about individuals being possessed by a bad spirit and there are attempts to perform what we refer to as exorcism.

Many would give credit for creating such fascinating life forms to an entity called God. However, we then lay blame on an entity called the Devil when deformities occur. This is wrong, for no one is absolutely certain how we came into existence or what happens to us when we die. Since your spirit comes from the universe and it cannot die, most likely it would exist in a dimension with other spirits, which may include those of dead relatives. The spirits of these dead persons may once again become attached to other beings entering the universe, hence reincarnation occurs. The ardent Christian would describe this as nonsense. However, this has repeatedly been proven by hypnosis, whereby persons have been able to accurately describe places they have never visited in their present life. Most are awaiting the return of Christ in order to prove me wrong, but the wait would soon be over for death is fast approaching.