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July 3, 2012
Re-hire ‘NDP teachers’

Tue, Jul 3. 2012

Editor: There has been much debate and discussion on the failure by Government to rehire the three teachers who ran as candidates for NDP during the last general elections. I would like to add my bit, free from political bias.{{more}}

When we look at Mr Elvis Daniel’s case, he ran as a candidate in 2005, lost and was rehired and then ran again in 2010 and lost. Unfortunately, he has not been re-employed by the government since. It is left to conjecture if he would run again in 2015 if he is re-employed. If he does, it would be safe to say that he is taking advantage of the system and give rise to his intention. However, it would seem that he will not be a candidate for NDP in the next general elections, thus it throws a different light on the situation.

In looking at the situation in a balanced way, the NDP has an obligation to take care of the three teachers. I would have thought maybe Mr Thomas and Daniel would have been made senators, while Mr Johnson would have been made a research officer with the party. For I guarantee you that had it been Dr Ralph Gonsalves, they would have been taken care of, by his party. Be that as it may, it has not happened.

We are made to understand that the agreement made by the teachers’ union to rehire teachers who ran for elections and lost was not legally binding, yet teachers who ran and lost were re-employed previously, except in this case. Therefore, I am left to believe that there maybe some other reasons why they were not re-hired. Whatever the reason or reasons they were not re-hired is left to speculation.

In the spirit of reconciliation, I am asking the Prime Minister to give consideration to these teachers. Mr Johnson, I understand, was close to retirement. It would be a good moral and Christian act of love to give consideration to these teachers. After all, they have families to take care of and also this situation will definitely discourage teachers from offering themselves as candidates for future general elections, since, if they should lose the election, they would face the possibility of being unemployed. Forgiveness is a hallmark of Christians.

I trust that some consideration be given to these gentlemen, while demonstrating love and concern which can bring good support to the ruling ULP. Thanks.

Kennard King