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July 3, 2012
Grab and go with safe food

Tue, Jul 3. 2012

We are definitely in the advanced stages of Vincy Carnival 2k12 and locals, as well as visitors, are enjoying the mas, music and the natural beauties which make us a unique multi-island state.{{more}}

Complementing such attributes is the increased preparation and sale of food, especially at major events. As revellers enjoy Vincy Mas, it is important that time is set aside to purchase and consume some of the many Vincy delicacies – your body will love you for that!

There is no doubt that entrepreneurs have been and continue to capitalize on the thriving food industry. To this end, it is expected that the health authorities will be working relentlessly to ensure safe and wholesome foods are offered for sale at every location across our beautiful islands. The general public is not left out; they can contribute towards food safety by asking themselves the following questions before buying from food vendors:

  • Does the particular food vendor have a clean stall or kitchen?
  • Does the food vendor have access to a sink with clean water for washing hands?
  • Do they wear gloves or use tongs when handling foods?
  • Does the vendor have a refrigerator or insulated box on site to store raw ingredients or pre-cooked foods?

As for the organizers of carnival shows, fetes and other similar events: ensure that persons catering food are registered as food handlers and that their premises were approved by health authorities. After all, we don’t want our VIPs, visitors and the populace to suffer from any food borne illnesses following their involvement in Vincy Mas.

The author is convinced that stakeholders in the food industry will do their part to ensure that the carnival festivities will not only be enjoyed by all who have participated, but by visitors, who will use such memories as a reason to return during the year to further explore the natural beauties of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Do it safe for Vincy Mas.

Neri James