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June 29, 2012
God did not make laws

Fri, Jun 29. 2012

Editor: A society needs laws in order for it to function normally, for if it does not there would be total chaos. However, to say that God created laws for mankind is a false assumption. It is claimed that the Bible is a book of laws created by God and we ought to live by these laws. This is certainly not so, for many of the things described as laws from God were actually introduced by leaders in the Bible days.{{more}} We hear of things such as fornication and adultery being described as sins, because God forbid them. However, these are just words to describe sex before marriage and having sex in an extramarital affair. Now, every time we hear these words they are immediately associated with something wrong in our minds. As we have continued to do this over thousands of years, we have given energy to such beliefs, so much that all the organs associated with sex are being constantly affected by various illnesses. We have to change our thoughts towards sex.

I know that religious leaders would suggest that we change our actions and stop committing fornication and adultery. However, it is not going to happen because there is not the same number of males and females in the world and not everyone wants to get married, for one reason or another. This is even taken further where we now believe that a sin is being committed when a man has several wives. As a result of this, we hold negative thoughts towards Africa and the Middle East and this is wrong. God never gave any law regarding how many wives a man should have or vice versa.

I am not advocating that persons should not get married, but I am saying that persons should not feel that they are doing something wrong because it is written in the Bible. Adultery is wrong because certain commitments are made during the ceremony and not because the Bible said it is wrong. Of course, persons would say that I am questioning the authenticity and the authority of the Bible. This is a fair assessment, but I must remind persons that the Bible and similar books are very powerful. This is not because they were inspired by God, but because we have given them energy over the years through our thoughts. One thing I can guarantee is that, based on who or what we have made out God to be, he would have never allowed a book with so many discrepancies and negative perceptions of women to be printed in his name.