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March 30, 2012
Letter to a former trusted friend

Fri, Mar 30. 2012

Editor: My name is Henry Neverson. I am from New Montrose. My request is to a woman who lives in Kingstown. After much consultation with this lady (a trusted friend), I added her name to my bank account so that she would be able to access the account on my behalf in the event that I fell ill or otherwise could not get to the bank myself.{{more}}

I discovered subsequently that she withdrew a sum of money from my bank account without my permission, and using the same for her own purpose. In essence, this money was stolen from my account.

My request is simple. Please return the sum of money that you withdrew from my bank book. Failure to do so will result in your employers being notified and court proceedings will be taken against you for the same.

Yours respectfully
Henry Neverson