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March 23, 2012
Letter to Maia Eustace

Fri, Mar 23. 2012

Editor: I read with interest a letter written by Miss Maia Eustace captioned “Let’s talk race, please”.{{more}}

I found it frightening. My reason for saying that is because Miss Maia Eustace used the political landscape to get across her point that there’s an issue of race in today’s politics. One would say because the Honourable Doctor Gonsalves appears to be white, but he’s a born Vincentian just like Mr Eustace.

I have some questions for Miss Maia Eustace:

Who is the lawyer that Miss Maia Eustace alleged made statements referring to black people as monkeys?

Could you tell me why you choose to be a lawyer?

Would you consider the late former lawyer Agnes Cato to be black?

Do you think practicing law out of Agnes’s law chambers would bring you more business?

If you choose not to answer, my lawyer is Grant Connell, while Jomo Thomas who defends your writing is my best friend. Don’t tell him because he is too black and ugly.

The first time I met Miss Maia Eustace I thought, look at a beautiful black woman, but I never could imagine she lacked black consciousness. I guess I read your writings wrong. Beauty is on the inside. My mom, who was black and now deceased, never judged a book by its cover. I guess your writing came from your heart, but that doesn’t mean it’s correct. Most Vincentians didn’t agree with your perception of black people politics.

Kingsley DeFreitas