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March 6, 2012
There needs to be a long term solution to Spring Village road

Tue, Mar 6. 2012

Editor: Many thanks must be expressed to BRAGSA for repairs done to several roads in St Vincent. Of course, I am thankful to them for fixing the much discussed road at Spring Village. The way it was fixed, we realize is only temporary and not permanent, for there needs to be a long term solution to that road. For we know that in time to come it will sink again.{{more}}

In these hard economic times, we must be patient with BRAGSA, for we know that all the roads cannot be fixed the same time. It is my hope that in time, all the roads will be fixed, including the pot holes at Rose Bank. I need not remind BRAGSA and the government that tourists frequent the North Leeward constituency. It would mean therefore that they would behold such a deplorable road on their way to the various tourist sites in the Richmond / Dark View area. This site of the pot holes we know, is not a welcome site for locals, much more tourists. I would therefore expect that something soon be done to fill these pot holes in the aforementioned area.

While on roads, interestingly some holes were dug in the Lowmans Leeward/Campden Park area which I think were intended to be filled. Somehow, these holes are left without being filled. I am hoping that soon it would be filled and that in the future, holes should not be dug and left for so long before they are filled. It might very well be the situation where there is no asphalt and other materials. Nevertheless, the contractors must ensure that all materials are available before commencement of work. It’s a bad reflection and can give rise to speculation of various kinds; besides it is a bad sight.

Care and proper planning is of paramount importance when it comes to road repairs. Thank you.

Kennard King