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February 7, 2012
We all must maintain the Vision of Greatness

Tue, Feb 7. 2012

Editor: I am certain that each and everyone maintains a vision of where he or she would like to be in the next couple of weeks, months or years. However, many of us do not pay serious attention to our vision, for many only visualize as far as obtaining a Blackberry or an iPhone.{{more}} However, having a vision is very important and it is something that should be built upon. Building upon this vision is the work of the subconscious and the spirit.

Very often when you walk into a business place, you would see a mission statement and a vision statement. The question is, who are the owners of those statements? It is the employees of course. Therefore the vision must be imprinted on the minds of the employees and eventually the subconscious would take hold of it. Once there is the collective ownership of this vision by the subconscious of the employees, the objective becomes easier to achieve. This is what I like to refer to as mental team work. It is also important that the Boards of important organizations possess persons with the vision of greatness.

When one leaves home, the subconscious must be prepared for the environment in which it is going to operate for the rest of the day. That is why a short period of quiet meditation before leaving home can be useful. Sometimes I look at ladies sitting in the passenger side of their vehicle, applying their make-up from home to their workplace. They are so much taken up with their outward appearance that their subconscious forgets about their real mission and focuses on their appearance. I am not saying that they must not attempt to look good, but it should not be the sole preoccupation on the way to work.

We must always strive to be great; therefore we ought to maintain that vision of greatness, for greatness is not beyond us. I think that this is something we have difficulty believing. Greatness is not something you are born with, but is achieved through effort. It is a stream of energy that one fits into after the subconscious and the spirit have bought into the vision. At this point, you may not even fully understand how you are achieving things, but they are being achieved. Once you are attuned with the universal mind it all becomes easy.

Finally, we must not allow our vision of greatness to be diluted by politics or religion, for the proponents of these do have their own agenda. We must be relentless in our pursuit, for the God of this universe expects no less from us.