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February 3, 2012
NDP ingrates bashing Sir James

Fri, Feb 3. 2012

Editor: “I want to say this, and I know it will be very controversial. The former Prime Minister, James Fitzgerald Mitchell would be an issue to the NDP and the hierarchy in the NDP party is going to have to sit down and decide on whether they could carry that weight{{more}} or they are ready to tell Mr. Mitchell he should declare his policy and his position for the future of the NDP party and by extension the country.

I will not go back to, but ——-

What I witnessed in the last election campaign. But I think that James Mitchell had done a number on the NDP, and I think Mr. Mitchell should be forthright and come out and state his position and let us know clearly what he thinks about this…” Caller New Times Arnhim Eustace present.

I sat here today and listened as the gentleman made his nasty insinuation about James Mitchell.

During the last election, the 80-year-old James Fitz-Allan Mitchell must have appeared on the platform of every candidate. Even appearing in distant places like Chateaubelair and Greiggs in one night – a lot of double appearances.

I do not know how many others did that, but if they did they were certainly much younger.

Did the man who was entertained here make an appearance anywhere?

Not a word of rebuke.

I find this whole line of conduct distasteful and unbecoming of someone who is supposed to be a leader and one who brings people together.

But I should not be surprised, for much worse has been published by the supporters of Arnhim Eustace, from Keith Joseph down, about James Mitchell.

But bringing people together?

A few years ago, Linton Lewis thought it would be a good thing to bring all together to trash-out differences and then emerge on as a united force.

But, alas! At the last minute, Arnhim Eustace decided with whom he was not going to meet. Parnell Campbell and Phillip Burke – a man who has suffered more than most since the ULP Administration took office – were not welcomed.

We know, too, of the verbal slap administered to Monty Roberts.

And the downright failure of Arnhim Eustace to make any effort to talk to persons who sought but failed to get selected as candidates – therefore driving some into the bosom of the ULP.

There are the instances of Curtis Dennie and Rasum Shallow. Arnhim Eustace spoke to neither.

A Central Kingstown ULP fight between Beresford Phillips and Elvis Charles was quenched so that Mr Phillips who threatened court action after the contest was later standing on the platform campaigning for his victorious opponent. On the other hand, Arnhim Eustace could not get Burton “Parson” Williams and Lenny Daisley to do the same.

To Arnhim Eustace and crew, indeed to most of you, Frank is a fly in the ointment – really of no consequence, but this fly will not support any organization headed by one of the most ungrateful persons I have ever met.

Somebody in there ought to have the guts to tell Arnhim Eustace to go home; his presence is not conducive to unity. Without unity, the ULP will never be defeated.

I wait, before I take the next step.

Frank E da Silva, Supporter of a party not any individual.