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January 10, 2012
Time to change traffic regulations for Kingstown

Tue, Jan 10. 2012

Editor: There needs to be some review of the way that traffic operates on our roads, especially in Kingstown.

The price of gas is so high now and people do not have time to waste in this fast-paced world to be driving around Kingstown for no good reason.{{more}} I bring your attention to the intersection at Building and Loan and the Court House. Why on earth do I have to turn left and then right at the Singer intersection on to Egmont Street and then right at Y De Lima and on to Bay Street, again right at the Police Station, only to arrive sometimes many, many minutes later, depending on the type of traffic, just to get downtown Kingstown. I find it ridiculous. We should be able to turn left and right at this intersection; after all, we can do this at the intersection at KFC and the Gas Station.

Another pointless run-around is the one where you drive up Town Hill and have to go back all the way to the Richmond Hill road before making the long trek back to the Sion Hill intersection. Foolishness, indeed. I can understand if you say the mini-buses cannot drive up Town Hill to keep them on their route, but please Traffic Branch, we don’t have time and gas to waste to be driving around in circles.