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December 30, 2011
Road safety

Fri, Dec 30. 2011

Editor: Road safety is something that should be practiced at ALL times. However, some road users are still not applying road safety measures, especially at this time of the year. I, therefore, wish to remind all drivers of some road safety measures.{{more}}


1. Please drive within the required speed limit. Some drivers are certainly driving too fast, making a show just to impress onlookers. Drivers, do you want to risk your own lives and that of others just for the sake of showing off? Why not show some respect for your own lives and the lives of others that God gave us by driving sensibly and carefully?

2. Use your horn. Yes, drivers, please use your horn at appropriate areas when driving on the road. This applies to corners, especially narrow corners, where it may be difficult for two vehicles to pass each other easily. Sometimes a driver blows his horn at a narrow corner. Another driver approaching in the opposite direction at the same narrow corner may not respond by blowing his horn. Hence, this can cause an accident. Using your horn wherever you cannot see beyond on narrrow roads (eg. the brow of a hill on narrow roads; narrow roads with grass on either side; bends) is certainly appropriate and contributes to road safety.

3. Park at least 15 feet away from a corner. This is the distance required by the Traffic Law. This is so important to avoid accidents. Many times a driver has to make a sudden sharp brake as he/she turns a corner only to find a parked vehicle very close to the corner. Also, minibus drivers should not stop too close to a corner to pick up passengers.

4. DO NOT drink and drive. This season, many drivers will be drinking alcoholic beverages. Drivers, remember that it is very dangerous to drink and drive, which has already resulted in many accidents throughout the country, even claiming lives.

Drivers, please practice the above-mentioned saftety procedures and others that you know as well. By doing so, you may avoid accidents that we certainly do not want to happen and may well save your own lives and that of others. Be safe. Drive safely, PLEASE.