Our Readers' Opinions
December 22, 2011
Let us as a people seek the Lord’s face

Thu, Dec 22. 2011

Editor: It has been a pleasure contributing to your paper with my articles. It was very encouraging getting responses from many readers who look forward to my articles weekly. Also, it was a pleasure discussing my articles with others. Even to those who did not agree with what I wrote I appreciate their comments.{{more}}

I take this opportunity to say thanks to you, Editor, for allowing me the opportunity to express my views, and also in some cases where action was taken as a result of what I have written.

I take this opportunity to wish each and everyone, including you, Editor and staff, a blessed Christmas and prosperous New Year. My prayer is that in the coming year and onwards that we as a people would put aside our differences and live together in peace. Also, that in the coming year we would seek to be our brothers’ keeper.

As we would embark upon another year in the will of the Lord, let us as a people seek the Lord’s face and turn from our wicked ways and humble ourselves before him. For we need to wake up and realize that no government can really solve the problems of any nation. Thus we have to pray more and seek to strengthen the family.

I need to remind those in authority that the road overlooking the Cumberland hydro plant on the rising of the hill leaving Charles Village on the way to Cumberland is in a critical situation. The road is sinking and is a tragedy waiting to happen. It is my hope that top priority would be given to this road very early in the New Year, preferably January, so that as travelers and drivers on this road we will feel safe driving on that section. I realize it will be an expensive job and one that is technical and requires good engineering work. However, it can be done and ought to be done. We will be very appreciative for attention given to this area and may hold the authorities responsible if a tragedy occurs due to a collapse of the road, because the authorities failed to act swiftly.

Have a blessed Christmas and a fulfilling new year 2012. Thank you.

Kennard King