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November 1, 2011

We must mentally create our desires

Tue, Nov 1. 2011

Editor: Everything that was created began with a thought and life itself is no different. It means that in order to create something physically, it has to be first created mentally. Therefore mental creation of what we set out to achieve is very important.{{more}} Added to this, everything in life is based on energy at different levels of vibration and energy is always trying to come to life. The question therefore is, what are we creating mentally?

Many of us fail to take note of what we are creating mentally. Our very thoughts are setting things in motion, but most of us do not pay close attention to this. It is often said that you are what you are thinking and this is absolutely true. Your thoughts determine what is created and the type of energy that you attract towards yourself. This is no secret but it is not known to everyone.

It is absolutely important that we keep only positive thoughts in our mind and keep thoughts of those things we are trying to make a reality. This is sometimes very difficult because of the thousands of thoughts that go through our minds on a daily basis. It comes down to our ability to concentrate on those things and concentration has to do with the power of the mind.

We must always hold the thought of what we want to achieve as a person and what we want this universe to be. It should be a place of joy and happiness, but, at this moment, it is very far from that. We are simply harboring too many negative thoughts, therefore we are not progressing as we ought to, neither as individuals nor as a nation.

We often associate sin with something that is negative and there are those who try to convince us that we were born in sin. This is absolute nonsense and must be rejected at all costs. We were created out of positive thoughts, therefore we were not created out of sin. Many go around repeating this nonsense and have come to accept it and it has now become imbedded in the subconscious. All we are doing is creating more negative energy thinking that we are holding on to a true belief from some divine source. Once we give more energy through our thoughts the negative effect would be multiplied. For this reason, we should avoid mentioning words such as crime and hate because this would create more of the same. Though we must set out to solve these problems, we must avoid publicizing these words because we are giving them more energy. Do we really believe that the Bible and similar books are powerful because they are of divine origin? The answer is no. We have given them power through our thoughts.

Let us therefore mentally create what we want to achieve and hold thoughts of those things that are positive.