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October 14, 2011
Are we using the services of all available Mathematics teachers?

Fri, Oct 14. 2011

Editor: The Prime Minister, in speaking at the blessing of the new wing at the Bishop’s College Kingstown on Monday, 3rd October, said that he had analyzed the CSEC Math result for 2010 in all 26 secondary schools and he was disappointed with the grades.{{more}} The PM, according to the article, had taken the information to the Cabinet and had asked the Ministry of Education to address the issue, since we have to get this right. I agree with the Prime Minister that, generally speaking, the CSEC Math results have always been below average. However, I ask myself this question : Where do I (Elvis Daniel) stand in all of this?

I have taught Math at the Cape level, the Teachers’ College level , the UWI level, and the CSEC and Common Entrance levels with satisfactory results. I reapplied for a job as Math teacher on December 14, 2010. Applications were hand delivered to the SVG Community College and the Ministry of Education.

To date, I have received 2 pieces of correspondence. The Chief Education Officer, in a letter dated December 20, 2010, wrote: “Your application of December 14th for a post of graduate teacher in the teaching service of St Vincent and the Grenadines is acknowledged. Please be advised that as soon as your application is considered, you will be contacted.”On February 7, 2011, the Chief Personnel Officer wrote to me as follows: “Reference is made to your letter addressed to the Chief Education Officer dated December 14th, 2010, which was forwarded to the Services Commissions Department. Please note that there is no vacancy at this time to which you can be appointed.’’

As the holder of a BSc Math degree(First Class Honours – 1999, UWI) and an M Phil degree (Math/Statistics – 2003, UWI) and 31 years of teaching experience , I know that I am competent enough to teach Math at the secondary or tertiary level in this country of my birth. The records will show that the last batch of students that I assisted in preparing for external exams at the A’ level Division of the SVG Community College made us (Mr Young, Mrs Scott and me) proud when we got a total of 26 grade ones in Math Units 1 and 2. The students in my group got 12 of these grade ones. Isn’t my track record strong enough to merit my appointment as a Mathematics teacher in this country, after sitting at home for 10 months now? Are we using the services of all our available Math teachers? If not, why not?

Elvis Daniel