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October 11, 2011
Farewell, SVGFF President

Tue, Oct 11. 2011

Editor: The interest in becoming an SVGFF executive member is over. All we have to do now is wait and see what the future holds. In the worst of economic times since world war two, with pressure from those in authority and very little help from others, the SVGFF has elected a new executive.{{more}} Many will have to change their attitude if the SVGFF is to develop fast to become competitive; therefore, all should wish the new executive well in their endeavours, also help them, for, whatever happens, Vincentians will be a part of it.

Farewell to the outgoing president Joseph Delves, who came along at the right time to bring integrity to the office of the SVGFF, and in so doing, his coaching staff failed to produce, causing him and his executive much criticism, for many see soccer through the game results. It’s unfortunate that cleaning, administrating and production could not have come at the same time.

The last best technical players from this country played in the 2006 World Cup. They also had the weakest opponents ever in our history and the easiest opportunity to go past the second round, but failed. Since then, we have seen new players emerging physically, but they are not good enough. This transitional period soccer is going through needs administrators who are experienced and successful in the sport, to motivate and develop the players.

What one achieves is said to be hard to follow, especially when you don’t know the process that was taken. We must remember President Joseph Delves, being a lawyer, saved the goal project. His executive got the Government to lease the SVGFF a soccer field for twenty years, bought portable floodlights, operates a lotto booth, which will help to maintain the other soccer projects they implemented. They have done very well in keeping house and much more than many executives during their years.

Like every new executive, this one will be faced with many challenges, which they will have to analyze and process. They will have to deal with the economic situation and the advance of knowledge, also the changing of attitudes towards the game, which is still in the hole, not only because of inexperienced executives, but by the lack of support from Vincentians in authority, who need to change their attitude towards their brothers’ and sisters’ development.

We look forward to the support of the outgoing executive. We also encourage them to attend soccer courses here to get an idea of what is being taught to our coaches, so on returning, you all would not be disrespecting local coaches, but give them necessary assistance to develop the players and the sport.

Congratulations to the old executive. You all did a good job; and to the new executive, continue the development and good luck.

Rollit Walrond