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September 30, 2011
Who owns the Olympic House?

Fri, Sept 30. 2011

Editor: The Sporting Public of SVG will really like to know if the Olympic House is now owned by a woman who works there.

The Olympic house was once a place where all sports people visited to get information on the various Sports worldwide.{{more}} Now that is no longer the case, because this woman is now boasting how she has made people afraid to visit the Olympic House.

So while the adults are beating up us young people for not participating in Sports, we are being deterred by this rude, hoggish woman.

Those in authority really need to do something and do it quickly, because all of the sports that are linked to the Olympics will soon be dead, if this woman remains at the Olympic Office.

So, the cry of the Youths is, please return the Olympic House to the Young People who want to make Sports their life.

John Edwards