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September 27, 2011
Teach them; don’t molest them!

Tue, Sept 27. 2011

Editor: I crave your indulgence to write about a matter that seems to be escalating in our society; that is the issue of inappropriate relations between teachers and students at various educational institutions in our country.{{more}}

It is September and the school year has just begun, yet we already hear of reports of students being inappropriately and maliciously molested by their teachers, those trusted with their care.

Editor, it has reached the public ears that a lecturer at a post secondary institution has transgressed. Within the last week or so, a student complained to the authorities at the institution that she has been indecently molested by one of her lecturers. The lecturer is said to have touched the student inappropriately as well as sent her written notes indicating his interest in her and to be with her in an intimate way. Editor this recurring situation leaves one to wonder what really is the objective of the teachers at the institution? Are they teaching our children or molesting them?

While I agree that most of the students at the institution are over the age of sixteen and, according to the law, they are legally able to consent to sexual activity, it is quite inappropriate for any teacher to take advantage of his/her students sexually or in any other inappropriate way. I am left to wonder if the authorities at the institution need to be a bit more circumspect when they are recruiting staff members to lecture at the institution. The authorities seem to be dragging their feet on this one, because since the report has been made by the student, the teacher is still on duty at the college and it does not appear that any serious attempt is being made to deal with the situation. Why has it not been reported to the police?

As a parent, I beg our teachers to respect our children and respect their parents. Teach them; don’t molest them!

Concerned Parent