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September 23, 2011
This is a different SVG from the one in which I grew up

Fri, Sept 23. 2011

Editor: Please permit me some space in your paper to drop off this message. This SVG is a different SVG to the one I grew up in. There are no principles in this land anymore.{{more}}

I say that because the people are not the same as I knew them. The values are gone. Everyone is doing their own thing, because the country is divided. Each one can do as they like. Why?

The people don’t fear God anymore, they have a party, the party has a boss, and what the boss says goes, right? It’s no more the laws of the land. I want politicians to know it’s once a politician twice a civilian; once a policeman, twice a civilian, beware of the seeds everyone sows; the things they do today will come back to them tomorrow.

There are many who don’t have, nor can they provide for themselves. Some are told to go find work, while some are told to come to church in order to get help. When you visit the welfare department, you’re overlooked if you’re not in a certain way, with many of the so called better off of the land, and also that said office. Many have been turned away. Some have been asked to bring their utility bills to the welfare department, but they were never paid, not even the help for medicals that had been promised to them for various complaints.

I do hope the census visits to various homes will show those in authority that poverty is steering Vincentians down the wrong path of life.

Some are trying to take house and lands which are not their own, even going to court with the rightful owner, and the court is giving them the right, which is not their own; then they are boasting about it. I tell you I have right and are inviting other family members to join them on the lands.

Some family members make false reports to police stations on others, only to get them out of the home that is rightfully their own. They do this because one has a son and a daughter who they think should have that particular home, because this young man’s mother is dead, the aunt doesn’t let him have peace of mind. All these things are going on because they say their party in power. Where is the justice of the land?

Men in possession take others’ property by false documents. No justice in this land. People beware. Don’t stay in foreign lands and don’t look back; beware of the men of the cloth whom you put to seek your rights. Wake up and smell the coffee before it’s too late.

When God sent messengers to this nation, the people ignored them, and God visioned the people of this land to speak to the head of this nation, who still refused to listen. Some years back, a Vincentian born who is living in Barbados came here with a message, the former Government did not take heed to the message which was from 2Chronicles 7:14 with Ezekiel 21:27. I remember the same time the churches had called for a get together at Geest Shed with the same 2 Chro:7:14, some people in my area had cursed the woman, but disaster struck in the heart of my home town with the same people who cursed the woman.

I was privileged to be in Kingstown earlier this year to hear the same woman with another Barbadian woman in the market square warning St. Vincent again. Some of the things which were spoken about have happened, and more is to come if my people don’t stop and turn to God now. Feed the hungry people, stop depriving them of help.

I fear God’s wrath. I write this letter because of what a friend of mine is going through right now. He really needs help. His sister said she can’t help him much longer. He works in government, and when the NIS come on stream, they pay him a little money, but he was never on the NIS to get any benefit and now nothing from government as pension, the welfare won’t give him a pension, because he belongs to the other party. So you see, party politics is killing this land.

Thank you for allowing me this privilege to inform the nation of how I see my country and the attitude of my country people. This is fast becoming a Haiti. People don’t want to pay to get their elderly folks looked after decently.

Concerned Citizen