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September 16, 2011
What’s wrong with Track and Field?

Fri, Sept 16. 2011

Editor: In my previous letter, I raised the question as to who is the biggest beneficiary in Track and Field in SVG. This question might be a simple one, but I believe it calls for some serious investigation.{{more}}

What took place at the World Athletics Championship in Daegu, South Korea, is unforgivable, disrespectful, shameful and anti-Vincentian, as it relates to our overseas based Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist Natasha Mayers. She was virtually ignored and isolated at the championships, which lead her to a no show on the tracks. No manager, no players, no coach or any official from Team Athletic SVG was there to support or to give any sort of guidance, as all other competitors received. She had to seek refuge with the Barbados contingent.

As someone who has attended games of this magnitude, I could imagine what she was going through. At these games, there are meetings to attend, and some of these meetings are at times when the athletes have to train.

There is the issue of health, because some athletes get sick due to the climate change and the food they eat, so without anyone at her side, it must be some sort of punishment for our gold medalist.

While Natasha was in her sulky and sad mood, it is alleged that the lone Team Athletics Official, who was at the games, was knocking glass with his colleagues. Speaking to Natasha via the telephone, she said that she approached him asking him about her welfare, specifically a stipend which is usually given to athletes whenever they are at international meets and the official told her he had none. This to me is very strange because once the event is held under the umbrella of IOC/NOC, it is the norm for an athlete to receive a stipend, unless this has changed. Once again, who is the biggest beneficiary in Track and Field in SVG? It is sad; it is time for some investigations.

Track and Field Lover