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September 16, 2011
Internet service in some of our schools is very poor

Fri, Sept 16. 2011

Editor: I wonder who is responsible for the Internet service being poor in some primary schools across the country. Quite a number of teachers are complaining about the lack of proper Internet service in their schools.{{more}} At times, a teacher may decide to include as part of his/her lesson, some activity, pictures etc. that are available on the Internet that will enhance student motivation and learning. However, when the time comes to introduce the Internet activity in the lesson, there is no Internet service. Hence, disappointment steps in, both on the part of the teacher and even more so the students. The teacher is left without the teaching aids he/she had planned to use, or must improvise some less effective teaching aids at that point. Therefore, I am calling on whoever is responsible to please improve the Internet service in the primary schools that are negatively affected.

Is it LIME that is responsible? Is it the Ministry of Education or the Government for not paying LIME a satisfactory bill, hence LIME not feeling obliged to provide the schools with a proper, full Internet service? Our youths need the technology to enhance their overall education. So to the relevant authorities I plead again: Please provide a more effective Internet Service in our primary schools.

Ras Bongo