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September 16, 2011
America must take some of the blame

Fri, Sept 16. 2011

Editor: OSAMA BIN LADEN IS DEAD! This is the news the world woke up to on the morning of 2nd May, 2011, that American Navy Seals had led an assault on a compound in Pakistan, where Bin Laden had been living for some six years under the nose (supposedly) of the Pakistani Government, a country, purportedly to be an ally of the U.S. in the war against terrorism.{{more}}

It is said that Bin Laden (O.B.L) died on the anniversary of the death of another universal criminal by the name of Adolph Hitler. Strange!

Since that fatal (historic, as some describe it) event, much has been said and done to justify what some consider to be an assassination by the American C.I.A, legally the licensed executioners of the enemies of the U.S. without a semblance of justice, which they claim to embrace.

And then we saw the rejoicing of Americans all over the country as though the Government had been able to pay off the $14 trillion national debt which is slowly bankrupting the country.

After all is said and done, the death of U.B.L may put a hold on Al Quaeda’s activities for a while, or to re-energize the group to take revenge for his death. Tough days of fear and uncertainty may lie ahead for Americans and its allies at home and abroad.

I contend that though Americans think they have reasons to rejoice on account of this victory, yet there are hidden truths somewhere that must be revealed.

For centuries, the world had known many terrorists, dictators, assassins and murderers, such as Adolph Hitler, who in concert with Mussolini of Italy and Tojo of Japan, during World War 2, caused the death of over 40 million people. Joseph Stalin of Russia, we are told, was responsible for the death of thirty million Russians in a holocaust known as the “Great Purge”. Poll Pot, dictator of Cambodia, destroyed a million, “the Killing Field”, just to name a few.

Is America itself guilty of similar atrocities? They would shout a vociferous No – but consider these statistics since abortions were legalized in 1973. The infamous Roe V Wade court decisions places America among the terrorists.

The following figures speak for themselves:

1970 – 1974 2,644,374

1975 – 1979 5,332,247

1980 – 1984 6,504,854

1985 – 1989 6,778,296

1990 – 1994 6,775,159

1995 – 1999 5,368,921

2000-2004 4,252,471

2005-2006 1,666,332 last figures available

TOTAL 39,322,654

So from 1970 – 2006 – (37 yrs), the U.S. Government, in concert with its constitution, judicial system, atheistic judges, has conspired to commit these crimes against humanity. What do these Americans have to rejoice about?

I heard recently the President and other officials refer to Gaddafi, Assad, Ahmadinejad and other national leaders as terrorists, but I have never heard these leaders killing millions of people. But what of these 39,322,654 innocent voiceless, friendless babies murdered by the Americans? No wonder the U.S.A is in so much trouble, spiritually, morally and otherwise – May Heaven help them!