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September 6, 2011
What has the SVGFF achieved?

Tue, Sept 6. 2011

Editor: Fifty years of administrating soccer in SVG have passed. The questions many will ask are what has the SVGFF achieved since and what have they put in place to assist in the development of the performers and the Sport?{{more}}

Briefly, we have had membership to C.F.U and F.I.F.A and attended their various courses; the introduction of Soccerama, a Referees association, Nine-a-Side, Youth Soccer Coaching clinics for boys and girls; also the over 35s. We look forward to these each year.

From 1976-1978 the horizon was broadened as Players’, Coaches’, Spectators’ and Sponsors’ hopes and dreams to achieve great things were lifted, only to be cheated by executives that followed; they began enjoying the benefits of the Players and the Sport, rather than developing and educating all.

What Vincentians, Players, Spectators, Sponsors and Executives are enjoying today was put in place by the 1976, ’77 and ’78 Executives, led by President Seymour ‘Rollit” Walrond, without F.I.F.A’s assistance.

Since receiving F.I.F.A Funds, groups, gangs and party affiliates have been forming the SVGFF executives, rather than persons experienced, trained, and knowledgeable of the sport and its process of development. It is for this reason the SVGFF are in huge debt, because they pay themselves and hire friends rather than persons competent in the sport’s process of development. Players’ and coaches’ God-given talents are stifled; slowly but surely, spectators and sponsors are declining. Executives can neither offer technical advice, motivate nor inspire the players, but criticize and make promises which don’t ever materialize; they do not know “What is required” to develop the Player and the Sport; “When” “What is required” and the “Time” “What is required” to bring success.

Had they been knowledgeable of Sport development and had they been contributing to SVGFF, the sport would not be in the situation they are describing to all.

Players and coaches must recommend persons who are experienced, trained and knowledgeable of the sport and its process of development to be their administrators and executives, or face the consequences, as they are the first to be humiliated, when results and performances are not suitable.

Next time we will chat about some of the causes of our results.

Rollit Walrond