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August 30, 2011
We must have the will to succeed

Tue, Aug 30, 2010

Editor: The strongest man I have come to know goes by the name of Will and his surname is Power. His full name is therefore Will Power and it is he that we must use to deal with the challenges of life.{{more}}

Life is filled with many challenges, some of which seem insurmountable at times. However, we simply cannot give in because, once we do that, it would become more and more difficult to deal with the challenges. This is because we are not giving our subconscious the opportunity to find solutions to the problems.

Many fail to realize that our subconscious and spirit can work independently of us, hence they do work on something, even when it is not at the forefront of our minds. Once they get the indication that we are determined to succeed, they would only give up when absolutely nothing can be done. We often try to tell our subconscious the path to solving a problem, but this is where most of the problem usually arises. They are dedicated to bringing about the desired result, but very often we attempt to bring about the solution, based on the path that we choose. The most important thing is the result and not the path that is used to bring about the result.

One of the greatest problems with many of us is that we give up too easily. It is the easiest thing to do; then we end up feeling sorry for ourselves, hoping that someone would pity us. The subconscious does not want this, because it prides itself in overcoming challenges. We, therefore, must have the belief that we can overcome and this strong belief would be transformed into faith. Once there is faith, the subconscious would respond.

The most lethal substance that can be given to the subconscious is doubt. No matter how positive one attempts to be, there is always that element of doubt that creeps in. This has to be suppressed at all costs, because it can throw the subconscious off its course. We must, therefore, believe and have the will power to succeed.