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August 26, 2011
What went wrong with our female cricket team?

Fri, Aug 26. 2011

Editor: What went wrong with the SVG female cricket team in the just concluded West Indies tournament in Barbados?{{more}}

In 2010, the SVG female team placed 2nd. After placing 2nd, why did the selectors choose not to select some of the players who had helped SVG to place 2nd in a 20 woman squad for trials this year?

Why were some players such as Garrick, Clark, Marshall, Samuel and Adams, to name a few, who have proven to be better batters, left out of the 20 woman squad when batting is clearly lacking in the team?

Were the captain and coach part of the selection of the 14-member squad?

Why did the cricket association change the couch from last year and not the manager, who remained the same?

Why were selectors changed from last year without their knowledge?

Who selected the selectors for this year’s local tournament? Was it the women’s committee, the national executive or the president?

Was the coach involved in after practice alcohol drinking with some players?

Was it done regionally ?

Did some players play in some of the games stale drunk?

Where was the manager?

Was any action taken by the manager against any of the players for abusing alcohol on tour?

Is the present manager the best person for the job?

Are we comfortable or uncomfortable with the way that the manager speaks to the players?

How did they feel?

Was the attitude of the manager towards the players responsible for their poor performance?

The cricket association has taken over women’s cricket. Was it to make it better or worse? To me it’s not improving.