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August 26, 2011
More about the Registry Department in Kingstown

Fri, Aug 26. 2011

Editor: Some persons might be wondering why I keep writing about the Registry Department. My main reason for doing so is to bring to the forefront the difficulties members of the public face each day at the Registry, and for major improvements to take place, and quickly, too.{{more}}

I am not against rules, but when they were implemented on the 17th of August, this year, persons going to the Registry were faced with the indignity of being searched by the security guards; their bags, files and person. We feel before this drastic measure was implemented a letter should have been sent to lawyers and other persons using the Registry, notifying them that this would take place. Normally, when new rules are implemented, persons are notified via the television, radio or any of the newspapers. It was quite an embarrassing moment for persons who used the Registry for 20 years and more to turn up on the 17th of August and have to endure being searched in such an undignified manner.

More close attention needs to be placed on the staff that offers service to the public. The Vault workers need to be in the Vault and not the Computer Room when the public needs their assistance, and coming to work on time is also important. Leaving one worker to pull loose leaves creates a problem, and the waiting period for documents is too long. The Vault workers need to offer a more professional service. They should work as a team.

Having new management at the Registry creates its own challenges, because these are challenging times. The security officer now tells persons that if you go outside after 3:00 pm you cannot come back inside.

One might have to go to the High Court Office that is in another building to do something and wish to come back at the Registry. This new rule is rather foolish. Management needs to straighten this out. However, allowing searchers to search until quarter to four is commendable. These added minutes can make a significant difference in getting a search done today, or taking the next day to finish up.

Sometime ago, I spoke about the index of Deeds that got wet, I have plenty of interest in the Registry and that said book. It is being stored in the Vault with the air conditioning running. That book should not be in the Vault right now, because the words would fade out; it should be in the sun, so it can dry out, with a vault member supervising it while it dries. Another concern of mine is the eating and drinking and selling of drinks from the Computer Room. This practice should stop immediately.

I want everyone who reads my letters about the Registry to understand that I have gained a lot from working there over the years. A great deal of my knowledge I acquired from working in the Vault. I never attended a university, but I have lots of experience on the streets of Kingstown, Back Street, Middle Street and Bay Street, and in the Court Yard under the ‘Shed’. This most important department that has been neglected for so many years; and yet persons are afraid to speak out. It seems that I am the lone voice ‘crying in the Wilderness’. What a shame!

I will continue to speak out about the Registry until some sort of redress is done.