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August 19, 2011
Evil thoughts NOT acceptable, Hans King!

Fri, Aug 19. 2011

Editor: At a time when many Vincentians are lamenting the frequent murders in our country, Prime Minister’s press secretary Hans King publicly declared on “Too Kool Chris” morning talk show that he had contemplated killing – murdering one Bryan Alexander last weekend for allegedly defamatory statements posted on Alexander’s Face Book page.{{more}}

King’s statement is definitely not helpful in teaching our people, especially our youth, how to settle their differences. More so, as a public official, he ought to have been more responsible. To justify King’s expressions would be to support a man in his murderous intentions. Chris ‘Too Kool’ Jones was certainly no fool when he appealed to King to change his thinking, keep himself from trouble and ‘get down on his knees and pray’. Hans King did not even seem moved by Chris’ appeal.

Although King implied that God kept him from killing Bryan Alexander, he repeated his murderous contemplation without any apology, and without the slightest remorse. He later reminded the public that he was prepared to defend himself/character. This is how you defend or think to defend yourself?

Surely, if libellous and slanderous statements were made about Mr. King, he has all right to defend his character by pursuing the proper legal means, taking a page from his leader’s book. But, he should not feel at liberty to publicly express such thoughts. This does not provide a right example to our youth in handling disputes and injustice that may be done against them. What about learning to seek justice the right way, Sir? This is how you teach your children to deal with similar situations? Are you aware that children (who probably even look up to you) were listening to this ‘number one’ morning program?

I pray that those kinds of unrestrained expressions will not be repeated by callers, especially those holding influential positions in this country. I appeal to Hans’s “hard-core-no matter what” supporters not to justify his wrong lest they find themselves preparing the nation to sink deeper into retaliatory criminal activities.

It was reported that Mr. King was adamant that he did nothing wrong. He sees it as simply “expressing his thoughts – being honest”. Sad, sad! “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he”. When a man refuses to acknowledge and repent of his evil thoughts/words, it makes it easy for him to commit wickedness without remorse and repentance. A young man listening to Hans King last Monday morning may have been incited to murder a rival gang member who allegedly lied against him! Would you be happy to know that you influenced that young man to kill his fellowman? Would you, Mr. King? Publicly expressing your murderous contemplation is just not acceptable, Hans King!

Ann-Marie Ballantyne