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July 22, 2011

Don’t take things for granted

Fri, Jul 22, 2011

Editor: We take many things for granted in this country. St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a lovely country, with many freedoms, as compared to many countries. It is unfortunate that many, for political reasons, paint a bad image of this our blessed land.{{more}}

We can urinate anywhere, whereas in some other countries we could be charged for doing such an act. We can drink and smoke publicly anywhere. However, in some countries, there are restrictions as to where smoking publicly can be done. Even in some states in USA, a person can be charged for holding publicly in his hand beers and alcoholic drinks. Sometimes persons cannot be seen even on their steps at home drinking a beer; it has to be drunk inside the house. Yet in this country, we publicly walk with beers and alcoholic drinks in our hands. Children who are under age are not sold alcoholic drinks in other countries, unlike this country. This we take for granted.

In SVG, we publicly, on radio and in the newspaper, or even on the streets, slander and tell lies on others in the name of freedom, whereas in other countries we would be sued. If, on the other hand, we are taken to courts when we slander or give misinformation, we say that we have no freedom. We play loud music in vehicles and in our homes disturbing others, yet we are not charged. In other countries, we are not allowed to do so, for we will be charged.

In SVG, we sometimes refuse to ride certain vans because they do not go as fast as we would like and they do not have music. Whereas in other countries, we have to accept riding in a bus with no music and at its own pace. We fuss and make a hue and cry over so many things, whereas in this country we have so much freedom. We have public washrooms, whereas in many countries there are none, and where there might be, there is a charge for using it. In many countries, nothing is free. There are user fees for parks and different places, yet we make an issue about paying a user fee, even for washrooms or other places.

There are so many things, which when we look at them, we can see that our country is such a beautiful country with so much freedom that we take it for granted. In this country, we have breadfruit, mango and other things free, which is not so in many countries.

Therefore, it hurts that for political reasons, we paint such a bad picture of SVG as though it is such a bad place. We know it is not a perfect country, and there are many things that are bad and thus we must not be afraid to speak out, but we must do so responsibly. We must also compliment where it is due. Let us be loyal and honest and call a spade a spade. If we are indeed true patriots, we would not paint a negative image of this country, but would seek to promote this country regardless of the political belief and would be appreciative of what we have.

Kennard King