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July 15, 2011
Fireworks at Victoria Park

Fri, Jul 15, 2011

Editor: As another year of Vincy Mas concludes, I find myself once again troubled by the seeming disregard for the wellbeing of patients at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH), by the organizers of the night shows held at the Victoria Park during the festival.{{more}}

For decades, ill patients have been subjected to the loud amplified music emanating from the park located just across the street. While the music has gradually become louder, the greater concern is the increased use of fireworks, especially late at night. The thunderous explosions reverberate throughout the MCMH creating a frightening disorienting scenario for patients who are suddenly awakened to what sounds like a salvo of heavy artillery fire which continues for several minutes.

Children and the aged are perhaps the most at risk of being traumatized by these late night and early morning pyrotechnic extravaganzas.

Discomfort and distress are often part and parcel of being ill, and measures must be taken to make the sick as comfortable and relaxed as possible; ailing patients ought not to be subjected to such a barrage of noise late at night, and even worse at 4:00 am (as was the case on the Sunday morning of July 3rd).

Fireworks are exciting and magical. Fireworks add oomph to any show’s atmosphere. However, the wellbeing of the sick residing in such close proximity must be given careful consideration.

The Victoria Park is the traditional home of the key show for Vincy Mas, and I don’t forsee a change to this, Therefore, the use of fireworks near the MCMH needs to be better regulated in terms of the time of night it is permitted, the choice of fireworks, and its duration.

At the very least, a healthy dosage of empathy and discretion is recommended for the show organizers.

Shedora Jack