Our Readers' Opinions
July 8, 2011
Vincy Mas at a glance


Editor: Congrats to Vincy Mas winners in the various competitions, especially newly crowned Kaiso King Tajo. Tajo was refreshingly original in delivering his two well-crafted compositions, but his rendition of “Suzie Standing in The Rain” was top notch!{{more}} Soca souls-man Skarpyon’s raga soca winning performance was simply silky. Kudos to my homeboy Jamesy P for stamping his class in the Soca Monarch battlefield. Fireman Hooper must also be commended for reclaiming the Soca Monarch title from a combative Skinny Fabulous.

Regrettably, the energetic and immensely popular Fireman has remained stagnant in his craft since joining the industry twelve years ago. His sole purpose appears to be to win Soca Monarch competitions using cheap and recycled music to woo fans and judges. By so doing, he has undone three years of progress spearheaded by the innovative Skinny Fabulous. In short, Mr Hooper is short changing his Vincy Soca fans! Isn’t this evident in his popular yet repulsive “Animal” hit? How revolting it is for civilised people to be told to “root like ah hawg!” Is this the kind of material he hopes to represent SVG with in external competitions?

Like other carnival components, Vincy Soca needs an umbrella body to address issues pertaining to the industry. No doubt, this would improve professionalism among artistes, since they would know that they could be held culpable for materials that contravene the group’s ideals. As a result, the over-use of smut and sexually graphic materials will be significantly reduced. So, too, would Maddzart’s obsession with the F word in songs.

Panorama unearthed an infusion of young blood in the Steel Pan.

Additionally, our mas men continue to produce high quality mas as was spectacularly displayed by revellers.

Their creativity was unfolded on Mardi Gras where variety and ingenuity were depicted using effective colour schemes to bring abstract concepts to life. However, it is noticeable that (female) costumes have become increasingly skimpier, with a bra, a bikini and a headpiece constituting a costume. While this may be pleasing to the eye, I am quite certain that pioneers like Sheggy, Roy and Dinks never meant the body to be viewed as a costume.

Is anyone else noticing that our J’Ouvert has retrogressed into a glorified mass of hooliganism? Body painting and intoxicating gyration and alcohol consumption without method and a clear concept is not J’Ouvert! Ces Mc Kie and the J’ouvert Fanatics continue to do their part, but the CDC needs to intervene in order to restore this rich aspect of our culture. Yes, bring back Old Mas, the whining monkey-man, bung drums, bwar bwar dancers.

CDC, please rescue Vincy Mas from the gluttonous clutches of business enterprises in order to preserve our rich cultural heritage.

Collin CA$H Haywood