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July 1, 2011

National Commission on Crime Prevention Carnival Message


Editor: The National Commission on Crime Prevention (NCCP) of St. Vincent and the Grenadines advises visitors and locals alike to be alert, attentive and aware during the celebrations of “Vincy Mas” 2011- the Hottest Carnival in the Caribbean.{{more}}

While the festival has grown in status, and has become an excellent Tourism product for our nation, it is imperative that we all understand the importance of Carnival to our country, not only as a cultural event which helps us to recreate ourselves, during which we can let go and unwind, but as an important revenue-earner.

We are, therefore, appealing to our citizens and visitors alike

to keep this blessed nation free from crime and violence, and any distasteful and disrespectful behavior that will reflect negatively on our country.

During the Carnival, many people look forward to simply having a ‘nice time’. In some cases, this includes letting down their guard and getting involved in activities which they normally would avoid, such as excessive alcohol-consumption, illicit drug-use, and sexual promiscuity. Large gatherings are often seen as opportunities for a small segment of our population, to break the law, disturb the peace, and bring grief to unsuspecting persons. Do not allow yourself to become a statistic.

As the season unfolds, we urge you to be more tolerant, walk away from trouble, arguments and conflicts, and stay away from committing any acts of violence. Motorists, we urge you to keep your vehicles secured, park in lighted and designated parking areas. If you must drink, please do not drive. Why not have a designated driver? There is no need for speeding or reckless driving. Aim to arrive alive!

Homeowners, it is important for you to secure your homes and properties. Lock all doors and windows when leaving home. Never leave keys in the locks of doors. Avoid leaving valuables near windows, for example mobile phones, handbags, jewelry, expensive ornaments, etc. Have responsible and trustworthy persons to care for your children when you leave them at home. When you take them out with you, hold their hands and keep them always within eye-sight.

Be careful on the streets. Only walk with what is necessary, and leave your valuables at home. Try not to walk with bags and purses hanging around your neck, over your back, or shoulders. When you join in the jump-up, try to go with a group which will look out for you. There is no need for filthy behaviour. Remember, in all things, have respect for yourself.

Keep in mind the importance of carnival to our Nation. The success of this festival depends on each of us. Keep Carnival safe, stop the fighting, and let’s stop crime in its tracks!

The National Commission on Crime Prevention (NCCP)