Our Readers' Opinions
June 28, 2011

Please, rescue the Botanic Gardens


Editor: Please permit me space in your newspaper to draw the attention of the relevant authorities to the state of the Botanic Gardens.{{more}}

I frequently visit the Gardens to sit and read, and I am appalled at the way this once beautiful area of greenery has been left to deteriorate.

Yes, the infrastructure there has been recently upgraded, but at the same time, the natural aspects of the site – the flowers, shrubs, lawns, trees, etc are not being tended to.

Are there no gardeners assigned to this important site? Why do the lawns look so unkempt? Why are there so few flowering plants? Why do the plants look as if they are not weeded or irrigated on a regular basis? Is any attempt made to refresh the site from time to time with new plants?

As a child, the Gardens was a place to behold. One could sit for hours and take in the beauty of the place. Now, it is a shadow of its former self.

Please, I beg the authorities, rescue the Botanic Gardens, a national treasure.

Nature Lover