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June 24, 2011

Who makes decisions for the local Chapter of the CPA?


Editor: The Parliament of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a branch/chapter of the (British) Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA). The Speaker of the House of Assembly is the President of the local branch/chapter and the Government House leader and the leader of the official opposition are the two Vice-Presidents. The local branch/.chapter is mandated to meet to discuss matters and provide input to the CPA.{{more}}

I recently read in a local (SVG) newspaper that the CPA is meeting in Grenada on June 25 and 26. According to the newspaper story, a notice and invitation was sent to the local chapter. Senator Vynnette Frederick was nominated to represent the local branch at a workshop during the Grenada Meeting. The newspaper further reported that neither the President – Speaker Hendrick Alexander – nor Vice-President Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, knew about the notice, invitation or the nomination of Senator Frederick.

The newspaper story must have been incomplete. No where did the newspaper story tell:

– The Parliament staff (public servant) who received the notice and invitation for the SVG branch;

– Why the President Alexander and Vice President Gonsalves were not informed of the said notice and invitation;

– Who makes decisions for and on behalf of the local branch;

– Who carried the process for the nomination of Senator Vynette Frederick to attend the Grenada CPA Meeting;

– If the public servant who breached the process has been removed from his/her position at the House of Assembly.

At the risk of being labelled “anti-ULP” one more time, I must state that there are too many public servants and party operatives in SVG who continue to speak out of turn and act outside their mandate. Should the Prime Minister, government and Parliament fail to address these dotish, arrogant actions and embarrassments, we may very well see them resulting in the collapse of the government in the not-too-distant future.

This, I contend, is the work of people who cannot appreciate success and are suffering from overdose of “never expect”. The cannot get over their “one room behaviour”.

Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.

PS: A question to President Hendrick Alexander: When last did you convene a meeting of the local branch/chapter of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association?

Let’s hope the answer does not make King Dotish laugh out loud. He has a problem convening Meetings of the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament.

Wade Kojo Williams, Sr. is a citizen of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Canada. He lives in Canada. He is also a former Deputy Speaker of the SVG House of Assembly.