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June 24, 2011

Let’s make a good thing better !


Editor: Sometime ago I wrote an open letter titled “Tools in the

hands of fools can be dangerous weapons”, with reference to the one laptop per child initiative, and the measures to be taken to avoid abuse to and by the users. I have seen the computers and they are great for children and adults alike.{{more}} As a matter of fact, some adults have ‘taken over’ these computers, and this is what I want to comment on in this short piece.

The summer vacation is almost here. I am sure that ALL PTA’s can arrange a one week workshop where parents can be made familiar with the operations and functions of these computers so that they would be in a better position to assist their children with information gathering and research techniques. So the suggestion is to run a one week computer training course, one hour each session, (to avoid information overload). A morning session can be run for children and an evening session for adults, so when the new school term begins, these children will be ready to use these educational tools to their advantage, while parents should be au fait with the new operating system and ready to assist, if their children run into any difficulty. Parental control is absolutely necessary or these educational tools can quite easily become home entertainment devices.

The Linux operating system is slightly different from the more popular Microsoft and Mac operating systems, but it can be learnt quickly with proper guidance. Another suggestion is to use the skills and service of IT students from the Community College or even from the secondary schools to assist with the training. Yes, we have some pretty smart guys and gals who can teach us a lot about computers, so why not use their skills and reward them, the entire nation stands to benefit from this program, so let’s all get on board. Are you ready?

Small Axe