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May 6, 2011
Senator Anesia on course to self-destruction


Editor: Anesia Baptiste could be called “Miss Breakaway”. She broke away from the larger congregation of the Pentecostal Church and joined the admittedly admirable Seventh Day Adventists. But the unsettled human being couldn’t stay in the mainstream for long, and has ended up among the tiny faction called the Thusians after a series of explosive reactions.{{more}}

The pattern of behavior is characteristic. She entered the Public Service and became a member of the Unity Labour Party after university training but was always very fidgety. Who is surprised that she is now among the ranks of the NDP in Opposition? What makes the NDP think they could contain her? Calvert should be careful too.

Stay tuned for the next explosion. From her ranting, we assume that it’s her thirst for freedom that triggers all these reactions. Anesia would soon be standing alone and have all the freedom in the world, including the freedom to self-destruct. Then, and only then, would she finally rest in peace.