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April 8, 2011
Commissioner, shouldn’t NDP answer charges?


EDITOR: During the March 3, 2011, meeting of the (SVG) House of Assembly, the opposition New Democratic Party held demonstrations inside and outside the House.{{more}}

As seen on videos posted on several social network Internet sites, including Facebook and Youtube, several demonstrators appear to have committed criminal offences.

It appears certain NDP Members of Parliament pushed police officers while they (NDP MPs) were being removed from the House, as directed by the Honourable Speaker, in keeping with the Standing Orders (of the House).

Mr. Commissioner, is there an ongoing investigation to address what clearly seems to have been offences of “Assault Peace/Police Officers in the lawful execution of their duties”? Were any charges preferred in this matter? Doesn’t the absence of charges lend credence to the claims of “police brutality”.

Additionally, Mr. Commissioner, from the said videos, it appears several identifiable demonstrators committed various criminal offences outside the House of Assembly on the said day. Was anyone charged for what appeared to have been numerous criminal offences? Is there an ongoing investigation into the apparent criminal conduct of these identifiable demonstrators?

Finally, Commissioner Miller, has the Department taken any steps to respond to the cries of “police brutality” coming from several members and supporters of the opposition New Democratic Party? If not, why not? And when could Vincentians (at home and in the Diaspora) expect to see the Police Department coming to the defence of the officers who carried out their duties in such an exemplary manner on that day?

T. Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.